Charlotte Vaughan Coyle

CVC photoCharlotte developed Living in The Story during her doctoral studies at Brite Divinity School in Ft. Worth in 2012. In 2021, she published the book Living in The Story: A Year to Read the Bible and Ponder God’s Story of Love and Grace (available at Amazon and Kindle).

Charlotte is an ordained minister within the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). She is retired and lives in Paris TX.

Since Charlotte began her journey away from a literalist fundamentalist way of reading Scripture into a wider, more multi-layered understanding, she has discovered many other bold travelers who share this journey. Living in The Story is Charlotte’s effort to walk with fellow travelers who also trust that God is still speaking and who want to discover fresh understandings for living within the ancient Scriptures.

Charlotte’s other passion is discovering intersections between faith, politics, and culture. Find her Intersections blogs at Follow her Facebook page at Intersections: Faith Culture Politics

One thought on “Charlotte Vaughan Coyle”

  1. re: living in the story – “Where was God?”

    You asked “what do you think?”

    I asked a similar question a few weeks ago and this was my experience in prayer.

    disturbing prayer

    praying this AM
    yesterday was a washed out day, I was a bit tired and got very little done, mostly just hanging out,

    so today I decided to start with prayer and try to make the day more restfully productive

    I’ve been praying more in tongues recently when I don’t know what to ask, so after some preliminaries I invited Peilush (my nickname for the Holy Spirit) to pray with me, and I was filled and started to pray in tongues.
    Usually when I do this I gradually get a sense of what we’ve been praying.
    Today I was given the strong impression to stop, and pray in English.

    and I was talking with Peilush about what God is doing in these days.
    It went something like this:

    “I am soaking gently the people to soften and remove the old glues that have been holding societies together. Gently separating layers and people that have been held together by old conventions.
    The glue is no longer good enough to hold the pieces together. Its like an old chair that has started to wobble a bit and is preparing to collapse unless it is taken apart, the old glue removed, the joints cleaned up and re-glued with new glue.

    So the old racisms which had gone underground, are slowly coming out in the open.
    The corruptions, the self centeredness, the old hatreds I am slowly releasing lest they explode catastrophically.
    The strong members based on love are also, slowly being released and gently cleaned to reveal the strong wood.

    I am doing this gently, gradually to sift and sort to make clear the realities that have been hidden by the old taboos which are no longer holding.
    This is my gentle separation of the wheat and chaff, letting the gentle breath of My Spirit (whom you call Peilush) breathe the wheat and chaff into separate piles.

    Be strong
    Don’t fear my breath
    Rest in Me as you’ve been shown
    Gently speak the words I’ve grown in you
    as you have been doing

    The world is not out of My control
    But control is being made clear
    as I breathe the pieces and parts into clarity
    and lovingly separate the parts that need re-gluing

    So structures are failing
    Being sorted
    and re-glued with My glue
    with my Love, Justice, Mercy, Sacrifice
    and some will resist My work
    as has always been the case
    and I will use what I can.

    Let your vision be informed
    going forward
    and do not fear
    for I am with you
    I am in you
    and You are in me

    Carry on
    in Joy
    in Rest
    in Love
    and power

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