What Are You Doing Here?

I don’t know about you, but conflict and confrontation wear me out.

I can’t imagine how it is to be William Barber. I watch his Moral Mondays Movement and his Poor People’s Campaign. I admire his stinging critique of the policies that privilege the privileged and compromise the most vulnerable among us.

I wonder how Rev. Barber finds the courage to keep on keeping on.

I can’t imagine how it was to be Martin Luther King Jr.

How did he find the stamina to continue his work when the vast power of the status quo resisted everything he did, opposed everything he stood for, despised everything he was?

I can’t imagine how it was to be the ancient prophet, Elijah.

Day in and day out, Elijah brazenly confronted powerful and dangerous people because of their abuse and misuse of authority. Elijah went up against some of the worst offenders of human rights and common decency in ancient Israel.

Elijah knew well the personality disorders of unfaithful unscrupulous leaders.

As do we.

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