Living in The Story weekly blogs

Week 1 We Begin with Faith

Week 1

We Begin with Faith
As You Read Week 1
Psalm 119
Week 2 Creation
Cosmic Creating Christ
As You Read Week 2
Psalm 104
Week 3 Sin
Sin: the Lost Language of Salvation
As You Read Week 3
Psalm 10
Week 4 Abraham
Week 4: Where is all this going?
As You Read Week 4
Psalm 23
Week 5 Isaac
The binding of Isaac
As You Read Week 5
Psalm 22
Week 6 Jacob
Wrestling with God
As You Read Week 6
Psalm 46
Excursus Paul’s Jesus
Paul’s Jesus
Week 7 Joseph
Forgive and Forget ??
As You Read Week 7
Psalm 107
Excursus Mark’s Jesus
Mark’s Jesus
Week 8 Exodus
Passover: What does this mean?
As You Read Week 8
Psalm 90
Week 9 The Law
The Law of the Lord
As You Read Week 9
Psalm 91
Excursus Matthew’s Jesus
Matthew’s Jesus
Week 10 Covenant
As You Read Week 10
Psalm 106
Week 11 Tabernacle
When Hearts are Stirred
As You Read Week 11
Psalm 27
Week 12 Esther
If I Perish, I Perish
Psalm 118
As You Read for Weeks 12 and 13
As You Read Esther and Jonah
Week 13 Jonah
Three Days in the Belly

Psalm 69
Excursus Luke’s Jesus
Luke’s Jesus
Week 14 Re-Reading the Law, part 1
Faith Seeking Understanding
Psalm 110
As You Read for Weeks 14 and 15
As You Read Leviticus
Week 15 Re-Reading the Law, part 2
A New and Living Way
Psalm 99
As You Read for Week 16 and 17
As You Read Numbers
Week 16
The Faithfulness of Faith
Psalm 98

Week 17
God’s Own People
Psalm 49

As You Read Weeks 18 and 19
As You Read Deuteronomy
Week 18
Loving God Loving Neighbor
Psalm 146
Week 19
Moses’ Warnings and Blessings
Psalm 144
Week 20
Pentecost People
Psalm 103
As You Read Weeks 20-23
As You Read Joshua and Judges: Violence in Scripture
Excursus John’s Jesus
John’s Jesus
Week 21
The Cosmic Cornerstone
Psalm 7
Week 22
Jesus Wept
Psalm 121
Week 23
Samson and Saul
Psalm 6
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