Week 28: July 9 – July 15

Notice how the Psalms echo the laments of David the fugitive. The stories from the Samuels and the Chronicles help us glimpse some of the trials he must have endured. But the laments are not only from David – they are the laments of us all. Nearly every human emotion I can imagine is expressed here in the hymnal of Israel. Praise. Celebration. Thanksgiving. And also Anger, Frustration and Lament.

Most all the Psalms of Lament – even as they chastise YHWH for the pervasive injustices of the world – finish with hope: hope in the arc of justice. Hope in the Creator of justice. If things are not “right” then there is still a constant hope in the One-who-makes-all-things-right.

The blog for this week focuses on symbolism; the symbols in the gospel of John. Train yourself to see the symbols. Literalism skims the surface; symbolism goes to the deeper levels.

Keep reading. Keep discovering.

1 Samuel 21-31

Psalm 18

Psalm 64

Psalm 142

John 6

Acts 24-28

Living in The Story blog for Week 28:

Symbols in John’s Gospel

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