Week 3: January 15 – January 21

Week 3 Living in The Story readings are uncomfortable. Talking about sin is unpleasant. Unless, of course, it’s someone else’s sin! And isn’t that some sort of default for us humans? Condemning the failings of others while we excuse our own transgressions?

There is a deep brokenness in this world. Even those who don’t like the religious terminology of “sin” must admit that there is a bentness about humanity that just won’t go away.

If God declared creation “good” then why are we humans so broken? Thoughtful people have been pondering this dilemma for all of human history.

Here are some biblical passages penned by people of faith across the ages; some passages that speak to the problem of sin from several different perspectives.


Genesis 3-11

Psalm 5

Psalm 10

Psalm 14

Psalm 51

John 9-12

Romans 1-3


Here is Week 3 “As You Read” blog:

As You Read Week 3 Sin

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Sin: the Lost Language of Salvation

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